Timon Rapp

Hi there. I'm Timon, a freelancing software developer with a passion for number crunching.

I love open source! My latest contributions include Bitcoin 0.9, PHPUnit, bitcore, npm-kraken-api

I'm constantly playing around with new technologies. If you want us to collaborate please drop me a line.

Recent projects

Kraken Notifier

The best bitcoin exchange kraken.com sadly doesn't notify its users when a deposit arrives (yet). I've created Kraken Notifier to fix this until they implement the notifications themselves.


Territory Mapping Webapp

Mark designated territories on an interactive map. Export the territories as high quality PDF using OSM vector graphics and SVG overlays. Available in German, English and Russian.

Open Street Map Symfony2 NodeJS Mapnik PHP SVG I18N

Workshops and Talks

I like talking about technology from time to time. I gave a talk about the Google App Engine at the cloud computing conference "Medien Meeting Mannheim" and presented numerous web solutions during my degree program at the Cooperative State University Mannheim.

I'm also embracing best practices by giving 1-day workshops about Git and continuous integration.

Google App Engine Git Continuous integration Web development

Voice conference solution

Custom built solution for VoIP conferences including a real time web interface for the room configuration. Served over 30k hours since 2012.

Asterisk PHP NodeJS Websockets Symfony2 VoIP

Virtual Tourist

Android App to locate caravan sites nearby.

My favorite part of the project was the server side backend. It involved some serious heavy lifting to consolidate hundreds of thousands POIs into high quality bundles for the app.

Android SQLite NodeJS MongoDB


E-commerce platform for a swiss jewellery.

Magento was used as base system and got customized according to the clients needs. The platform is successfully serving customers since 2011.

Magento PHP e-commerce Payment


Enterprise system management solution based on Nagios. I'm part of the team as system architect and developer since 2005.

ExtJS PHP Silex Pimple Resque NodeJS Redis MySQL